I'm drawn to technological innovation and entrepreneurship.  I've worked at the GRM (Musical Research Group) as a music software developer for two years and I've worked on several personal projects involving product design, physical computing and event management.  I'm also a trained theatre actor and compose music for theatre plays.   

Key Skills

Interaction design

User-centered design, design space analysis, participatory design (interviews, brainstorming, video prototyping), controlled experiments


C++, Java, C#, VB.net, OpenGL, HTML5, CSS, Matlab
Interaction, User Interfaces, signal processing

Creative coding

Max/MSP, Jitter, openFrameworks, Processing
Behavior modelling, mapping, sound, video

Physical Computing & Electronics

Arduino, microcontrollers
Prototyping, circuit design and simulation

Resume / CV

CV en français : |détaillé (PDF)| --- |court (PDF)|
Resume in english: |detailed (PDF)| --- |short (PDF)|


PhD in HCI (Paris-Sud Univ. - InSitu team - LRI)
MSc in Music Research from IRCAM (ATIAM)
MSc in Engineering from ISEP

Profiles / Contact